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Well, We Did The Damn Thing

2008 Ford E450 Coachmen Concord 300 TS

We decided to focus more on traveling. We wanted to hit fifty states by fifty years old. Fifty-by-fifty as Tyler used to say. We wanted to be able to travel to a new place for a week or so and explore. Get to know the locals, and understanding the culture of small town USA. Now? Now it’s fifty states plus thirteen countries by fifty. Are we going to make it to all of that by the time we’re fifty? Probably not. We sure do hope so, though.

The thing about wanting, as Gracie’s father so politely puts it, is you can want and one hand and shit in the other, but you’ll see which one fills up faster. Basically, time to shit or get off the pot. And that’s just what we did.

We bought a used 2008 Coachmen Concord 300 with 24,000 miles on it. We got it at a steal of a deal. Mainly because we got a friends and family discount on an already discounted price, but you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. We don’t need to go into what I paid for it, but the insurance company values it at double what I paid. Crazy, right?

We had the RV. Now what?

Tyler had a job that he tried to work remotely. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do it remotely because of the nature of the job. He tried, but there was too much time he needed to put in the office for us to travel for weeks at a time. So he did what any logical human would do, and put in his resignation with no safety net. Tyler decided to look for remote work, pick up freelance work, focus on his publishing company, Tea With Coffee Media, and travel while he looked.

Time to hit the road, right? Let the metaphorical wind blow through our hair? Not quite. Still waiting on tags. UPS has yet to deliver the paperwork I sent to the loan company for them to send off to the DMV.

Surprise, it isn’t the DMV holding us up!


We are going to travel in the meantime, however. We’re going to Raleigh, North Carolina for the Geek and Grub Marketplace to setup a booth for Tea With Coffee Media. We’re even flying in my long time friend Kelsey Anne Lovelady to make a guest appearance at the event. Friday, we will be exploring Apex, North Carolina and bringing you some of our favorite local finds from things to drink and eat to things to do while you’re there.

We’re also going to West Virginia in the winter time to stay at a Sasquatch-themed air bnb. That should be a fun time as we hang out with family and friends. We’ll be exploring Franklin, West Virginia and delivering some of the best kept secrets we can find.


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