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Our Seven Favorite Finds in Raleigh, North Carolina and The Surrounding Areas

Tyler Wittkofsky and Grace Wittkofsky Outside Trophy Brewing in Front of a Mural

The Food

Their food, artisan and specialty pizza, was delicious. Tyler ordered the Most Outgoing, a pizza made with fresh tomato sauce, brie, mozzarella, locally sourced mushroom, caramelized onion, and fresh arugula. It was definitely heavy on the arugula and Tyler wound up taking off the top layer of arugula less a few stems and leaves.

Overall, the pizza was delicious. A solid 8/10 on the deliciousness scale.

The Beer

The Beer

Gracie actually ordered a beer this time around! She didn’t finish it, but she still ordered it. Her beer, Cycle Zing, was a 4.6% ABV cherry limeade sour. It had a good sour bite to it. Gracie really enjoyed it, even though she didn’t finish it. Tyler liked it too, but they’re both big on sours and this had a nice sour zing to it.

Tyler chose to go a different route than normal and ordered Becky With The Good Bike a 5.7% ABV pumpkin pie spice ale. It had a hearty pumpkin flavor that made Tyler very happy. It wasn’t too heavy like a lot of pumpkin beers tend to be, but it was just right.

The Food

The Beer

The Food

The Food

The Beer

You can find the rating for this and the rest of the beers we tried on the trip on Tyler’s UnTappd.

In Conclusion

While this list is just some of our favorite places we visited this past weekend, it surely isn’t a comprehensive list of the best places to spend time at in Raleigh or best breweries in the area. We had a blast while we were out of town and got to explore a town Gracie and Tyler never explored together before.

This was the beginning of Adventure With Coffee.


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